Leading the Way to Spine Satisfaction

Leading the Way to Spine Satisfaction

Sitting down with Cityview, spinal surgeons Drs. Kimbro Maguire, Paul Johnson, Luke Madigan and Benjamin Weisenthal, along with physiatrists Drs. Bruce Fry and Michael Craig, shared the processes required when evaluating a patient with spine-related discomfort.

The doctors, some grounded in their own experiences of surgery and rehabilitation with others rooted in an appreciation for hiking, sports and a commitment to wellness, work daily to tackle challenges for patients with back and neck issues, so they can live life to the fullest.

The spine team at KOC handles care from start to finish, finding the root causes of spinal issues. “The majority of people with back problems and neck problems don’t need surgery,” Dr. Maguire says. “In general, surgery should always be a last resort.”

There are a host of conservative treatments that doctors explore with patients prior to surgery, utilizing on-site MRIs, physical therapy and interventional spine injections, most of which can be done at two KOC locations. 

“We know that people deserve the opportunity to be treated non-surgically,” Dr. Johnson says, “with the expectation that the majority of patients are going to get better with nonsurgical management.” For those times when surgery is necessary, KOC’s team is ready. “Spine surgeons basically do one of three things,” Dr. Maguire says. “They either decompress something, or they fuse something, or they do a combination of the two.” 

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