Helping Knoxville’s Future Thrive

Helping Knoxville’s Future Thrive

KOC physicians Drs. Cameron Sears, Curtis Gaylord and John Crawford spoke with Cityview magazine and discussed the role of a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon.

Sometimes the treatment requires surgery, other times a cast or the situation will correct itself over time. Knowing what path to take – and how to communicate those plans with families – is where the pediatric team at KOC thrives.

It’s collaboration. It’s focus. It’s access. It’s competence. And this team has all four. Once a family comes through the doors of KOC, be it for a spinal abnormality or a broken bone from a weekend on the trampoline, KOC is committed to the healing and success of youth.

“Our children are the center of our world as parents,” Dr. Crawford says. “And it is so important to make sure that every musculoskeletal problem that your child has is correctly evaluated and correctly treated the first time.”

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