WVLT-TV Highlights Importance of Local Athletic Trainers

WVLT-TV Highlights Importance of Local Athletic Trainers

Certified Athletic Trainer LaDawn Wolfe recently visited with WVLT’s Evan Lasek to discuss the importance of athletic trainers to safeguard and ensure long-term success for student-athletes.

Lasek emphasized how much fans don’t see when it comes to athletes being physically prepared going into games and how best to help them during and after sporting events.

Backing this up, Scott Byrd, director of sports medicine outreach at OrthoTennessee, emphasized that each school within the OrthoTennessee sports medicine program has medically licensed personnel on their sidelines to ensure the safety and health of athletes.

From the moments on the field to the ones in our offices, we’re here to help you feel like yourself again and get you back to doing what you love!

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