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At Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, we work hard to provide the best possible experience and outcome for all of our patients. We understand the freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what you can now do because of your orthopaedic care!

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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at KOC, I can go about my daily routine with less neck pain. I received a blocker shot from Dr. Fry. On my follow up visit, I met with his PA, Jennifer Vaught. I was impressed with Ms. Vaught. As with Dr. Fry, she was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. She took the time to answer all my questions in detail. I plan to see her again for my next follow up.
– Steve, Louisville
I have had reverse total shoulder arthroplasty and have had zero pain with it. I had surgery on Dec.13, 2018. I was released from the hospital the next day. I didn't have any pain that night, but took one pain pill just to make sure the pain didn't get ahead of me. I took one half the next morning and one half pain pill that night. Still never had any pain. The next morning, I took a Tylenol and went to church. I took another Tylenol that night and never took anymore. I didn't have any pain at all, not even from the incision. I was driving in four days. I am 72 years old and at ten weeks out I could do anything I wanted to do as long as I watched the weight of it. I cannot thank Dr. Spencer and his staff enough for giving my quality of life back.
– Danny, Tazewell
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can walk better and not have any pain. I fell while snow tubing and hurt my knee. I had pain for over a year and a half and had therapy to correct the problem and it never got better. Finally decided it was time for surgery. I am now 4 months out and doing so much better. I walk better than I did before the accident. THANK YOU DR. SMITH for making me better. Dr. Smith is a wonderful doctor and great bed side manner. He answered any questions my parents and myself had and always talked to where we could understand and never treated us as just a number. He cared about ME and my injury and my recovery.
– Emily, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can move more freely without pain & limitation. My knee replacement surgery is my first surgery in my life. I felt that I was in good hands with Doctor Botero, that proved to be true. Three people refer Doctor Botero to be the best and with his technique that proved to be true too :) The postop care at Parkwest Hospital was excellent no complaints...hope to be back in a few months for left knee replacement.
– Edye, Cosby
Thanks to Dr. McPeake at KOC, I can walk, work in the yard, climb stairs and enjoy many outdoor activities. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him. He is a blessing! And he is such a brilliant surgeon! He knew exactly what to do. At 82 years old, you have to wonder if you will heal correctly. I followed his instructions to a T, and I am so glad that I did! This doctor really knows his business! I could not have ever asked for a better surgeon than Dr. McPeake. I will forever be grateful to him. He is an Angel, in my opinion. KOC is very lucky to have him there and anyone who has him as a surgeon is very lucky as well. I can't say enough nice things about this doctor. Just wonderful! :)
– Joyce, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can function without pain and numbness in my lower back and right leg. I suffered nearly a year with this pain and numbness. Dr. Johnson did a great job fixing my problem. He is a great doctor and has a great personality. I would and have recommended to others I have met with simular problems. I have also talked with several other people that he has helped with the same problem as mine. Dr. Johnson told me before surgery what to expect and how I would feel and he was absolutely correct.
– Gary, LaFollette
Doctor Gaylord preformed surgery on my grandson. He followed through by finding a plastic surgeon that would help when many others declined. Most amazing was that while Children’s Hospital only does surgeries Monday through Friday, Doctor Gaylord made this happen on a Saturday. Not to mention that it was Easter weekend. I have shed many tears of appreciation for this kind person that I will never encounter again. Dr Gaylord, the care factor that you have is beyond amazing.

Thank You. A million thank yous!!
– Nancy, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can practically run up and down my stairs. The best thing I could have ever done was find Dr. Becker. I knew of him from Carson Newman when my son was attending and playing football. He is great. I love his attitude and his bedside manner. He is wonderful. My granddaughter tells me to slow down with my bionic knees. I will recommend him to anyone.
– Marge, Knoxville
Dr. Becker is excellent. He explains the process of what he does to you. And lets you know your limits. He is honest, caring and always lets you know all of your options. I will not go to any other orthopaedic doctor. You will love the level of care you will get with the nurses and doctors at KOC.
– Rocky, Jefferson City
Thanks to my care at KOC, I canbcut my lawn with a walk behind mower two weeks after my surgery. I had heard numerous recovery horror stories related to total knee replacements regarding pain and length of time needed to get back to normal. I was amazed I could walk virtually pain free hours after my surgery. I only needed a walker one day after my release from the hospital. Of course, my knee was swollen for a few days, but it went down with the assistance of the ice machine which recirculated cold water around my knee. My follow up physical therapy program has gone well and in two weeks I could bend my knee to 130 degrees. Awesome! Prior to my surgery I did the suggested exercises to strengthen my muscles and I'm sure those helped. My results may not be the norm, but I am very pleased with them. Two weeks after the surgery I cut my lawn with my walk behind mower and, according to my app, walked 1.75 miles. Praise the Lord!
– Bob, Corryton
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can continue doing the job that I love as a school resource officer in regards to keeping staff and children safe through the day in order for them to be able to learn and grow. December 03, 2018, while enjoying some time with my grandchildren, I fell while having fun and roller skating at the age of 58. On January 24, 2019, Dr. Holloway did my rotator cuff surgery which required (9) anchors due to the extent of my injury. After my surgery, I honestly wondered if I would ever be normal again and return to the job I love. I was told that an injury such as mine can take up to a year to fully recover from. Dr. Holloway immediately assigned my physical therapy after surgery where I was fortunate to meet two great ladies, Katie and Tammy. I can't say enough about these ladies and actually all the staff at the Old Weisgarber location. With their help and encouragement I was able to return to my job after approximately two and a half months. The positive and reassuring outlook of these two ladies made me want to show up and give it my all each time. I have to be 100 percent to do the job that I do and I give all credit to Dr. Holloway and the therapy center staff to help me get back to what I do best. They have my undying gratitude.
– Jimmy, Knoxville
A few years ago I started having serious pain in my shoulders and at times I could hardly lift my arms above my shoulders. I was scheduled to see Dr. Spencer and Jeff Jarnagin PA at KOC. After X-rays were taken Jeff Jarrigan started injections in the joints to relieve the pain. Jeff never one time failed to hit the joint the first time with no discomfort. He helped me to be able to function for months and months before finally having to do surgery. A Godly man who explains what he can do and one who really cares for you. Jeff Jarnagin and Dr. Spencer are one amazing team. Both were with me before the shoulder replacement surgery, during surgery and after surgery. I was even allowed to go home the same day of the surgery. All through the surgery and physcial therapy the pain has been very very minimal. What a pleasant experience to be able to look forward to a doctor's visit.
– Delbert, Maryville