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At Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, we work hard to provide the best possible experience and outcome for all of our patients. We understand the freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what you can now do because of your orthopaedic care!

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Patient Testimonials

“I had bilateral total knee replacement performed by Dr. Nadaud in June. He asked that I send photos of my first hikes after my rehab. I am now back hiking and doing everything that I did before my knees deteriorated. The knees are doing great and I have no pain at all. Once I regain leg strength I will soon be able to doing long (15-20 mile) hikes. I also plan to do a backpacking trip in the spring. I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my surgery.”
– Joel
"I would love to thank Dr. Herman Botero and the staff at KOC for the great care they gave me with my total knee replacements, I had both knees replaced in 8 weeks. I could not walk or do anything I wanted to do until I had the replacements on my knees. Thank you all for a great job, thank you, Dr. Botero."
– Manuel, Knoxville
"On October 6, 2014, I underwent a spinal fusion by Dr. Paul Johnson. This surgery was a necessity due to spinal stenosis with severe bilateral sciatica. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Johnson's pre and post op care, as well as his expertise to surgically erase all sciatic pain. Thanks to Dr. Johnson at KOC, I can once again walk, move, sit, etc. without sciatic pain. Therefore, I am completely confident in recommending his evaluation of other spinal disorders."
– Pat, Knoxville
“Thanks to Dr. Nadaud, Richard was able to return to his love of umpiring and is now doing up to 4 games a week. He is doing great and was able to get back to his second love of hiking as well."
– Knoxville
"I had a fall in May, 2012 and after that time I was never without some type of pain. I had a full rotator cuff repair in August, 2012 and a manipulation in April, 2013. After the manipulation in April, the pain became more intense and almost unbearable at times. I saw Dr. Edwin Spencer around August, 2013 and he scheduled an MRI and then surgery on December 13, 2013. At my follow-up appointment, Dr. Spencer advised that I might be a candidate for shoulder replacement in the "near" future. I hate to disagree with him as he is the expert, but I do not think I will ever have to have surgery on my right shoulder again. I can, for the first time since May 2012, raise my right arm over my head without any pain at all, lift, carry and do almost everything I did before the fall, without the pain. He is definitely the surgeon I refer all my friends, family and even enemies to. Dr. Edwin Spencer is great!!"
– Sandy, Maryville
“I have been a patient at KOC for many years and know that I can depend on the care I will receive there. I have used several of the specialists at this facility and have seen Dr. Robert Smith a lot. He did a knee replacement for me. I haven’t had the first problem with it and that has been about four or five years. I have had him for several other problems and I think he is just the greatest.”
– Judith, Knoxville
“After having both knees replaced by Dr. Naduad, his excellence allowed me to hike to Mt. Leconte with my son and grandson. This was less than 5 months after my left knee replacement.”
– Bob
"Thanks to my rotator cuff repair surgery by Dr. Edwin Spencer at KOC, I can now move on again. I am 8 weeks out and did a 15k trail race with an age group win. Looks like the Black Mountain Marathon will happen for me in February! Thank you for the prompt care that I received, Dr. Spencer. I will post again when I'm able to start lifting. Cheers!"
– - Kellie, Asheville
"Dr. Herman Botero is a new orthopaedic surgeon at KOC and thanks to him, I can now walk around again like in the old days without any pain. He has experience, excellent credentials and came highly recommended. As a result I set up a pre-surgery meeting with Dr. Botero and wondered how it would go. I didn't need to worry as he was pleasant, attentive, extremely personable and outgoing. He answered all of my questions (I can be technical) and explained the different procedures for hip replacement and why he used the method he did. After this meeting I was fully satisfied that Dr. Botero was the surgeon for me. The surgery went well, pain was minimal and recovery faster than I expected. After surgery, with my first appointment Dr. Botero reviewed everything and explained the x-rays. A very thorough job and easy to understand. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Herman Botero, but I can highly recommend him as your surgeon! I should have done this surgery several months earlier! Thanks Dr. Botero."
– Matt, Knoxville
"My name is Carla and I am a patient of Dr. Nadaud's. In December 2005 I had a total knee replacement surgery. In May 2006 I took a trip (with my cane) to France. Dr. Nadaud asked me to send you a picture of my travels so you can use somehow. This year I have started hiking again and am including a recent picture of my trip to Abram Falls.”
– Carla
"Due to the great job Dr. Herman Botero did replacing my knee, I can now face each day with very little pain and after my surgery next week on my other knee I know soon I will be pain free. My family can't believe how well I am doing for they know the pain I was in for so long. Both of my knees were bone on bone, with the left knee very bad with arthritis. I can't wait until next Tuesday for the surgery on my right knee. Thank you Dr. Herman Botero, you did a great job! God bless you and all your team at KOC."
– Joyce, Pigeon Forge
"Because Dr. Paul Johnson did my spinal fusion of C5&6 and C6&7 I can now turn my head and not suffer such pain that no person should ever feel, I can check the mirrors on my car while driving and not feel pain, and I can go outside and do normal things without having to be so medicated just to dull the pain. The staff and doctors at KOC have always been so good and kind and really helpful. Dr. Johnson is a wonderful doctor, to some he may seem a little coarse, but he is a straight to the point doctor and he knows what he is talking about and can break it down so a regular person can understand what is going on. Dr. Johnson is not a pressure doctor, he will tell you what you need to know and let you decide when to have the problem taken care of. Myself, when I went to see him the first time he told me all about it and what would happen and how long it would take and about recovery time. I've had my surgery, now in my recovery time and everything is just as he told me it would be, I'm feeling great with no pain at all and no more pain killers, just common take it easy recovery. I don't think I could have chosen a better doctor than Dr. Johnson! In my eyes, he is a great doctor and a good person. I consider him my friend and would recommend him to anybody that wants a no bullcrap doctor that knows his profession the way Dr. Johnson knows his."
– Randal, Loudon