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At Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, we work hard to provide the best possible experience and outcome for all of our patients. We understand the freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what you can now do because of your orthopaedic care!

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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care by Dr. Maguire by performing a spinal fusion and laminectomy, I can resume my exercise workouts and dance lifestyle!
– Jennifer, Knoxville
After having a total hip replacement by Dr. Herman Botero, I can live and walk without pain! I'm 5 days post op and walking unassisted. Thank you for the outstanding care and expertise. The anterior procedure makes recovery a quick and painless experience!
– Deneise, Greeneville
Thanks to Dr. Kimbro Maguire and my Lamenectomy, I can walk without pain and stumbling! I have my life back!
– Robert, Knoxville
I had a "bone on bone" hip joint with no remaining cartilage, and the beginnings of a stress fracture. On Monday, August 10th I had full hip replacement surgery, seven days later, on Monday, August 17th, I put in a full eight hour day in the office at work.

Dr. Botero listens carefully and takes as much time as the patient needs for questions and answers. He uses the most advanced technique for joint replacement called "anterior approach," which means only a 3.5" incision on the side of the hip (which in my case left virtually no scar), compared to the posterior approach of 7.0+". This seems to significantly reduce healing time and post-surgical discomfort. Dr. Herman Botero is very personable, very professional, and very distinguished in his demeanor. All in all, it was an outstanding experience!

Even the physical therapy at KOC was terrific, thanks to very professional and patient staff therapists Traci and Candace.
– TK, Knoxville
"Dr.Botero, I wanted to thank you for my right anterior hip replacement. This picture is four weeks post surgery and I am able to return to doing a sport I love, pitching horseshoe's. Thanks."
– Alan
"I have had three different surgeries by Dr. Robert Ivy with fantastic care ...the last was right thumb CMC joint arthroplasty. I was so impressed with the level of compassion and care from Dr Ivy. He doesn't just see "the patient", but rather the "whole person" in distress. I never felt rushed, as he always took his time and listened carefully to all your concerns and fears. Dealing with him was like taking counsel with a dear friend on issues very important to you. When he performed my surgeries I had complete confidence in him for a great outcome and I certainly was not disappointed. If ever I have a problem again, it will be to him that I will go. I have referred Dr. Ivy to everyone that I know; consequently, two friends over the past year have gone to him and they, as well, have had marvelous results. I strongly recommend him for any problem that you might have with your hands or wrists.

I can again use my right hand without constant and unbearable pain. I no longer have to worry about dropping things and trying to exist without the use of that hand."
– Barbara, LaFollette
"I saw Dr. Paul Johnson for a neck injury related to work. Dr. Johnson showed me a lot of patience even though he was very busy. He identified issues I was having by observing me at each visit, instead of making me feel like a waste of his time because I could not explain it in complete details. He tried all resources available before considering surgery, which I appreciated. When surgery came, I was scared about it & he helped me through this. Thank you Dr. Johnson for going above & beyond. I would / have highly recommend Dr. Johnson!!

I know KOC is a facility with caring and competent doctors for my family... and I can proudly recommend to others."
– Dorothy, Talbott
"From the time I started visiting Dr. Luke Madigan, I was given the honest opinion about my situation. Without having this operation on my back, I don't know where I would have been in the next two to three years from now. I can walk normal again without wobbling side to side as if I were a penguin and I am now pain free without leg pain aching me constantly for the first time in about 5 years. I'm so thankful for the help and everything Dr. Madigan has provided me with, I will now be able to enjoy my life."
– Jeff, Harrogate
"I was born with a shallow hip socket and had my left femoral epiphysis slipping when I was just 14 years old. This was fixed with 2 pins inserted to hold the epiphysis in place until my bones matured. I was told 30 years from now you will need a hip replacement, I didn't give it second thought.

Fast forward to 5 years ago when I started having pains in my left groin, didn't think anything of it really, just take a few ibuprofen and it will go away. Well, the pain progressively got worse and I was having a lot of pain going up and down stairs, taking Ibuprofen like they were M&M's, not working out liked I wanted and worst of all not being comfortable on my motorcycle.

I saw Dr. Herman Botero as a referral from another doctor and as it turned out, we were all right. Dr. Botero said it best when he said, ' need a new hip.'

On June 30, 2015 my life changed for the better. I woke up from surgery with none of the "usual pain" I had grown accustomed to. This was different, it was new pain from surgery but absolutely NO pain from the bone-on-bone hip I had. A few hours after I returned to the room, I was asked to walk; didn't want to, but lo and behold, I could walk with help and a walker. The very next afternoon I was discharged from the hospital and sent home. I started physical therapy the next day. It was tough, I had to have my mind and body re-trained to walk, and walk correctly. The PT wasn't excruciating in pain but it was a challenge. I was using a walker for the first couple of weeks then as I began to get stronger and feel better I was using a cane. I think it was the 4th week I was walking on my own and getting off the pain medications. I was getting stronger and feeling great, I was walking more and more and I was walking the correct way, without a compensatory limp from the pain I used to have.
On the 7th week visit, I was released from all restrictions (I had a posterior entry not anterior) and wonderful to say that I'm riding my motorcycle for hours on end, able to walk long distances, ride my bicycle, MOW THE LAWN ... all without pain! I have flexibility again, I can squat and do yoga. I've lost 15 lbs since I started PT. I will continue my daily work outs...I see it as a must now.

I can honestly say, if it wasn't for the scar on my left hip, I would never know that I had my hip replaced! It's that good.. Thanks again Dr. Botero and KOC...see you in a year for a check up!
Refreshed and renewed,"
– Robert, Clinton
"Thank you Dr. Kimbro Maguire, since my cervical & lumbar fusion I can now function very well with no back pain. I had a very good post-op course with no complications."
– Denis, Knoxville
"This is my second hip in 13 years, both completed by KOC. The 2002 experience was VERY smooth and I experienced complete success and zero complications! I point out the past experience to showcase how KOC has fine-tuned their already strong processes over the years.

Dr. Matthew Nadaud and his staff have a wonderful demeanor and bedside manner! My evaluation and ALL pre-op meetings were perfect time management examples! The post-op contacts with Jennifer Riden were timely and her actions worked to expedite my rehab. In three weeks, I can already get around nicely without any walking aids and my prior hip pain is gone and my surgery pain is down to minimal and getting better daily! While everyone was great, I have to give special thanks to Vanessa Helgerson. She was my hospital precert coordinator and by default (because I had her business card) became my contact even after surgery. She was ALWAYS most pleasant and extremely helpful! I am sure, by title alone, this was not her job but she came through for me and expedited many messages to others. It certainly made a huge difference to me in the entire process!"
– Toby, Ten Mile
"I can already walk better than I could for years, even though I am still under the care of Dr. Chris Testerman after extensive foot surgery two months ago. I let my condition go far too long before surgery, which complicated things a bit and full recovery may take longer. But things are going very well and I have been able to resume some of my normal activities. Activities will increase, I'm sure, at Dr. Testerman's direction.

Dr. Testerman is a very dedicated and highly skilled surgeon. What also impresses my husband and I is the time she takes with each patient and their spouse from the initial visit, through the surgery, and each and every follow up visit. She thoroughly explains what's to be done, what she expects of the patient in the "at home" recovery process, and as busy as she is, she always has time for questions and explanations. She treats every patient as if they were "family" in the sense that she gives the degree of care she would give to her own. Andrew and I are very grateful for her service. Please share this with her as she's not one to expect compliments on her work. She's the best in her field, and we will recommend her to others. We are celebrating as my feet look and feel better for the first time in over 30 years! We can't thank Dr. Testerman enough!"
– Cathleen, Loudon