KOC Welcomes New Hand and Wrist Surgeon

KOC Welcomes New Hand and Wrist Surgeon

Sep 10, 2018

East Tennessee is an amazing place to call home, so it’s no wonder some of the best doctors in the country want to raise a family and build their practice here. Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic is fortunate to be adding Dr. Benjamin Rogozinski to their group of highly trained surgeons.

Dr. Rogozinski grew up in Florida, where his father and uncle are orthopaedic surgeons. He attended college and medical school at the University of Florida, and then completed his internship and residency in Atlanta.

All KOC physicians are also fellowship trained in their chosen specialty. That means they complete additional training on a specific body part before joining the practice. Dr. Rogozinski completed his fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at The Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center.

“The hand is an amazing structure. Its anatomy is complex and challenging. Its function is fluid and precise,” Dr. Rogozinski said. “Restoring function of the upper extremity is an extremely powerful and gratifying professional calling. I enjoy that we take care of patients that range from our very youngest to our very oldest with pathology that is comprised of congenital, traumatic, and degenerative diseases.”

Dr. Rogozinski could have set up his practice anywhere in the country, but he said moving his family to Knoxville and joining KOC was an easy sell.

“When you meet a group of doctors that is so passionate about their patients, partners, families, and community, it makes you want to join their team,” he said. “Together we get to give our patients a chance to return to normalcy after devastating injury, we get to give children born with challenges an opportunity to live without the limits of disability, and we get to give people the confidence to function when they thought it was lost. “

Dr. Rogozinski’s wife, Kaleigh, is a veterinarian. They have three young children and a black lab named Ace.

“We love the outdoors and are excited to have The Great Smoky Mountains in our backyard. We want to immerse ourselves in the Knoxville community,” he said.

Dr. Rogozinski joins Dr. Robert Ivy and Dr. Douglas Calhoun in the hand subspecialty group at KOC. He will be seeing patients at all three KOC locations in Knox County. To schedule an appointment, text KOC NOW to 313131, call (865) 558-4444, or click here.

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