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Mary Cate, BSN, RN, Cassy Loucks, PA, Brian Holloway, MD, Edwin Spencer, MD, Anita Davis, LPN, and Jeff Jarnagin, PA


Shoulder & Elbow Team


Shoulder & Elbow Education


Shoulder & Elbow Surgical Education


The information contained below is designed to provide patients and physical therapists with basic information on common surgical procedures. This service should supplement the information provided at your patient consultation office visit.


Sports Shoulder


Athletes can have a wide variety of problems in the shoulder. Many can be the result of repetitive activities such as throwing, but some can be due to a traumatic dislocation. Most of the situations can be treated with physical therapy. However, some will require operative intervention. One of the more common surgical problems is that of instability. This is where the shoulder will dislocate during sporting activities. Dislocations are due to tearing of the capsule and ligaments and labrum. This can be treated with arthroscopic or open stabilization surgery. Rehabilitation is extremely important to get the athlete back to their game. Below are some pictures from an actual arthroscopic stabilization procedure.