Shoulder & Elbow Surgical Education

The information contained on this page is designed to provide patients and physical therapists with basic information on common surgical procedures. This service should supplement the information provided at your patient consultation office visit. Click on a topic below to view more information.


We employ a team approach to the treatment of disorders involving the shoulder and elbow. Dr. G. Brian Holloway, Dr. Edwin E. Spencer Jr., and Dr. Nicholas J. Dantzker are fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons and specialize in all areas of shoulder and elbow surgery. Dr. Holloway attended Temple Medical School, graduated from a residency program at Akron General Orthopaedic, and performed a shoulder and elbow fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Dantzker was an orthopaedic surgery resident at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and completed his fellowship at the Columbia University Center for Shoulder, Elbow, and Sports Medicine. Dr. Spencer graduated from Duke Medical School and completed an orthopaedic residency program at the University of Michigan before his shoulder and elbow fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic.

Jeff Jarnagin and Cassy Loucks are board certified physician assistants who support the team by seeing patients in the office, assisting in the operating room, and helping perform research activities. They are both East Tennessee natives with extensive knowledge of shoulder and elbow disorders.

We specialize in all forms of shoulder surgery - from arthroscopic surgery to total shoulder replacement. We can also do what's called a reverse total shoulder replacement. Though a limited number of patients would need such a procedure, very few surgeons around the country are qualified to perform this surgery. We also perform complex operations such as tendon transfers and reconstructions.

Dr. Spencer, Dr. Dantzker, and Dr. Robert Ivy specialize in elbow surgery. This includes tendon and ligament repair and reconstruction, such as the Tommy John procedure. We also perform elbow replacements and revisions as well as elbow arthroscopy.

Our group is actively involved in research at the local and national level. This includes biomechanical and clinical studies. A patient’s permission must be obtained prior to inclusion in any study. Patient participation is certainly encouraged to advance the treatment of shoulder and elbow disorders.