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At Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, we work hard to provide the best possible experience and outcome for all of our patients. We understand the freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at KOC, I can now enjoy a quality of life I have been without for over 15 years. I was talking to a friend that was recovering from a 4 level spinal fusion. He was walking in a store, knelt down, got something, and raised up and walked like nothing was wrong. I asked him who did his surgery, and he replied Dr. Paul Johnson from KOC. I went home and called up KOC and that is when my life changed. I was told to send all of my records and the doctor would review them. Three hours later they called, set me up an appointment, and I was there 48 hours later. Dr. Johnson looked at me and basically said the only way to help you is surgery. I said my previous doctor said there was no way to help me. Dr. Johnson said well I think he is wrong. If you want to try, let's go.
So in four weeks I made the best decision ever by letting him do my surgery. He took me to Parkwest Medical Center to do the surgery. He told me he was going to remove all the old rods and hardware and do it his way, the right way. Folks, I woke up after four hours of surgery and I will admit I hurt, but the nurses made me feel very comfortable. They were in my room every few minutes it seemed. The staff was excellent. The food was awesome. You couldn't ask for any cleaner or nicer people. Dr. Johnson came by and told me the details about my surgery and said I think you will be okay. I said really? He said yes, if you have any problems, call me. The very next day the PT ladies came in and ask if I wanted to walk. I said well I think I can. I got up with their help and let me tell you, I knew I was a changed man. I walked those hallways and walked stairs like it was nothing. Nothing. I was so amazed. My wife was crying and so was my son. They sent me home that day.
I did exactly what they told me to do. This is the God's honest truth, on the third day, yes the third day, I walked outside without my walker and walked around my one acre lot without any help. I cried the whole time. I was pain free for the first time in over 15 years. I am currently two months post op. At my last check up Dr. Johnson said I was doing perfect. Everything was growing perfectly. I don't take a single pill for anything. I can walk five miles without stopping. I can sit at my son's senior year of basketball camp games without dying of pain. Dr. Paul Johnson was a gift from GOD and his staff are angels. Seriously, if you are thinking of surgery, he is the man. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Johnson and his staff. They saved my life.
– Scotty, Newport
The day I fell and broke the top of my humerus bone was one of the worst days of my life. I was initially sent to an orthopedist in my hometown and after consulting with them I felt it was in my best interest to choose another route. My uncle had used Dr. Spencer when he had his shoulder surgery and I knew how pleased he was so I decided to try and get an appointment at KOC. When I arrived for my appointment my arm was X-rayed. Dr. Spencer came in, looked at my arm and X-rays, and immediately explained that I had a bad break and that I needed surgery to repair the damage. I really didn’t know what to expect or if I would be able to ever use my arm properly again, but Dr. Spencer assured me that I would be as close to anatomically correct as before I broke my arm.
After my surgery Dr. Spencer came to my room to check and see how I was feeling and told me that I had broke the bone in multiple places and it was much worse than he had thought, but he had repaired it and I now have a plate with 11 screws. The following morning his PA Jeff Jarnagin came in and sat and talked to me about the surgery and what I would need to do and what to expect in the days ahead. He explained what exercises I needed to do until my follow up visit with Dr. Spencer.
After I came home I did exactly what I was supposed to do and after about a week it was amazing how my arm felt. The pain was not bad and the bruising was going away. I was actually able to return to work within a week or so as my job is desk work and doesn’t involve heavy lifting. After my second re-check Dr. Spencer told me I could start physical therapy and I have been going two times each week and my arm feels great. According to my therapist I’m almost back to normal range and I almost have full use of my arm again. I know I still have a ways to go still but it’s been only a little over three months and I’m doing great.
I am just so happy with Dr. Spencer and his staff at KOC. He is an amazing doctor and just cares so much about his patients. He has a great personality and is so easy to talk to about your health issues. Just let me say from the time I walked in to KOC and was greeted by the check-in clerks to the nurses, the X-ray technicians, the ladies who scheduled my surgery, Dr. Spencer, and the check-out clerks, I was treated so nice and with such respect and that means so much when you have experienced a traumatic injury and are in a lot of pain.
Dr. Spencer is the best doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has problems or needs surgery on their arm. He is very confident and highly skilled and he took excellent care of me and I’m forever grateful to him.
– Connie, Sevierville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I haven't experienced any of the pain in my knee that I have I had for the last 5 years! Thanks to Dr. Botero's quad sparing technique for a knee replacement, I am exceeding my expectations at 3 weeks post op. My physical therapist is highly impressed with the quick recovery. The written information, joint class and pre-surgery exercises were a huge help. Nurse Amber was very helpful to answer any questions I had during the process. I had a positive experience in the Parkwest Hospital Surgical Center and staff was respectful and courteous.They took very good care of me. I have no doubt I will be back at work in a few weeks and feeling good as new. Thank you Dr. Botero and KOC!
– Carla, Tellico Plains
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can play my grandchildren's favorite game, "Grandma, be a monster and chase us!" Dr. Botero is absolutely fabulous. I was so impressed with his knowledge that from my first appointment, I knew he was the perfect choice to perform my knee replacement surgery. I also chose Dr. Botero because of the minimally invasive technique he does. It makes sense, and I was released after just 6 weeks from physical therapy. The staff at KOC was also very friendly and helpful.
– Kathy, Oak Ridge
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can live a more pain free life. I have suffered with cervical spondylosis most of my life. The pain in my neck becomes so excruciating at times that I had actually gotten to a point where thoughts of suicide as the only way out seeped into my mind. I went to doctor after doctor. No one seemed to understand my pain. Muscle relaxers, physical therapy and pain pills, which didn't really help for more than a hour or so at a time, was all I was ever offered. A few years ago Dr. Wallace at KOC referred me to another doctor at the center whose specialty was in treating pain. Dr. Michael Craig and Dr. Bruce Fry immediately seemed to understand my pain and performed a procedure called radiofrequency ablation on my cervical facet nerves which totally eliminated the devastating pain for a period of 10 months. I return for a repeat of the procedure after the pain returns. These doctors not only understood my pain but knew precisely what kind of treatment would help and performed the procedure with the utmost in excellence.
– Jeri, Sevierville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can return to work and get back to my regular lifestyle. I had been referred to Dr. Madigan thinking it was my back, but he diagnosed me immediately as it being my hip. After a cortisone shot in my hip, I felt immediate relief.
– Morris, Etowah
Thanks to my hip replacement at KOC, I can have hope for my future! Dr. Botero is my hero. I was in such excruciating pain and felt like there just was no hope, whatsoever. Dr. Botero and his team are top-notch in their field. I am looking forward to my future again.
– Renee, Crossville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can walk again after having two screws put in due to a fall on Christmas Eve. While on vacation in Rhode Island, I was putting a dish on a table and my ankle just twisted and broke and swelled immediately. We had to call the paramedics because I could not walk down stairs. I went to the hospital and spent pretty much all of Christmas Eve in the ER. A Christmas Eve to remember. The doctors told me I should call an orthopaedic surgeon for an appointment in Tennessee to have it fixed. I called KOC on the 26th of December, my birthday. We drove straight home on the 27th, saw Dr. Testerman on the 28th, and scheduled surgery on the 29th. Talk about service, KOC was amazing from start to finish. I also thank Our Lord for telling us to take our truck instead of my Mini. I would have never been able to elevate my leg in a boot and drive home in a Mini Cooper comfortably. Kudos to Dr. Testerman and her team. My ankle healed great with no infection or pain medicine.
– Patricia, Seymour
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can actually walk without being in excruciating pain. I was at the point that I couldn't hardly get around because I was in so much pain. My doctors in Virginia wouldn't do surgery until I lost about 75 lbs. My sister-in-law works at one of the clinics and suggested I come see Dr. Nadaud. I lost almost 30 lbs and on August 30th had my hip replacement. I can't believe the difference. When I put my feet on the floor for the first time I was amazed. I am already getting on schedule to do my left hip in December. Thank you Dr. Nadaud for doing my surgery and taking such good care of me. I have had to be away from home and my family, but it has been worth it. It's a 4 hour drive for me and very well worth it. Everyone at the clinic has been so nice and kind. I would recommend Dr. Nadaud to anyone.
– Anna, Pembroke, Virginia
Thanks to my care at KOC and Dr. Madigan, I can sleep, go about everyday living; and, most important - fish Bass Tournaments (was going to add - without pain - but that goes without saying). Dr. Luke Madigan gets Best Back Doctor EVER! - vote as far as I'm concerned. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Madigan. As there are a handful of 67-year-old women in the country that fish competitively in Bass Tournaments; I was not sure if any doctor would take my back injury seriously. My number one priority was to get back to fishing but as the pain got worse, it also became about sleeping and going about daily chores. Dr. Madigan treated my sports injury and age with complete respect and I will always be grateful for that. Above all else he fixed the problem and the scheduled follow-up (physical therapy and appointments) were perfect. Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic is great is so many ways, but for elderly healthy people that still participate in a sport competitively, you have excelled for me and my husband. You will always have our recommendation and support because you treat older people "still out there" with respect.
– Nancy, Knoxville
I can rest assured that Dr. Paul Johnson & his staff have given me the most excellent care, not only during the preliminary stages, but the surgery time, and the post op stages. He was understanding of my needs and concerns throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend KOC and Dr. Paul Johnson for your spinal surgery needs. My experience and care has been A-1 awesome!!!!
– Mary, LaFollette
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can resume my normal work and exercise routines. Dr. Luke Madigan certainly helped improve the quality of life I lead on a day to day basis. For 3 years, I had lower back pain with severe stiffness and numbness going down my leg. After consulting with Dr. Madigan, we decided on a more conservative option of an epidural steroid shot. It worked for a short bit. Dr. Madigan took his time with me each appointment, answering questions and explaining options. He never pressured me into surgery, which I greatly appreciated. After weighing the options, including another epidural shot, I decided to go with a foraminotomy. I am now running and dancing again. My energy and movement has increased dramatically. I highly recommend Dr. Madigan for a conservative, professional and thorough medical approach to lower back pain. I got my life back.
– Susannah, Knoxville