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At Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic, we work hard to provide the best possible experience and outcome for all of our patients. We understand the freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at KOC, I can live without pain. I have had replacement on both hips. I had a bad experience with the left one, which was done in Kingsport. Then thank God I met Dr. Sherrell at KOC. He did the right hip, which has never given any trouble whatsoever. I would highly recommend Dr. Sherrell. I feel he's at the top of the best list.
– Wilma, Mooresburg
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can walk like a champion and without pain. I had total hip replacement 3 weeks ago. I was very impressed with the organization and professionalism of KOC. My surgery went well and my recovery has been amazing! It was much better than I anticipated. I used a walker for a couple days, a cane for a couple more and then I was on my way. I had very little pain and stopped all pain medication within a few days. I did all the exercises before and after the surgery as illustrated in the well organized note book. I started driving after 12 days with no problem...and surgery was on my right hip. All my neighbors have requested Dr. Botero's name and number if they ever need joint replacement. I feel like the poster child!
– Fran, Fairfield Glade
Thanks to my care at KOC by Dr. Crawford, I can play baseball again! On June 25, 2017, I was pitching in a baseball tournament when my elbow snapped. On July 27, 2017, Dr. Crawford performed surgery to secure the bone in place using a screw. While I was not the best patient (I broke the cast, had it secured, then got it wet and had to have it removed early) I have worked hard to get back to baseball. By early August I was throwing again, and on September 10, 2017, I pitched for the first time since the injury. That's 11 weeks!
– Evan, Lenoir City
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can climb stairs without pain in my right knee. My experience has been exceptional - thanks to Dr. Botero and his minimally invasive technique. I also owe a debt of gratitude to the folks at KOC physical therapy. I am thrilled with the results and have scheduled the left knee replacement for later this year. I am hopeful for the same results and look forward to a huge improvement in my quality of life.
– Nancy, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can go back to living the life I was used to with no pain. Thank you to Dr Madigan and his staff. He was there when I needed him.
– Mike, Friendsville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can walk without a limp. I suffered several years with my knee and it got to the point where I couldn't walk because my knee was catching, and I was afraid I would fall and my hip would break and I would have to have hip surgery first. So I went ahead and decided to do my knee surgery, and I'm glad I did. I have used KOC before and I was very pleased. I did some research on Dr. Botero and he was very highly recommended and as of today, I'm glad I decided to go with him. I had my surgery June 19th and was walking that night, came home the next day and I have been walking without a limp ever since. I will recommend everyone that has a knee replacement to remember one important thing: exercise, exercise, exercise. That is the key to quick recovery. I would recommend Dr. Herman G. Botero to anyone who has knee surgery, and I would like to say a special thanks to Siri, Andrea, and Chris at KOC for my 8 weeks of intense, helpful therapy. And most of all thanks to Dr. Botero for helping me be able to walk again. I would also like to praise God for guiding Dr. Botero so that I could have a successful surgery and recovery.
– Barbra, Lenoir City
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can be mobile again! Dr. Calhoun is the only doctor I know who has the best sense of humor. He always makes me laugh. I wish all my doctors were like that. Thanks, Dr.Calhoun, for making me feel like you care.
– Sharon, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I finished a full Tough Mudder today. Since Dec. 31, 2016...this is my third injury I have had treatment from Dr. Betcher for, but by far the worst. I ripped open my left knee severely in a trail running accident New Year's Eve down to the tendons and never got one infection and was able to heal and continue running eventually thanks to Dr. Betcher and Dr. Botero. The next was a severe sternal contusion from a jet ski that took about 5 weeks to heal before being able to do a push-up again. But the latest was slipping on a wet pool deck and laterally dislocating my right knee and chipping the patella 8 weeks ago. For a runner, hiker, part time river guide on the Ocoee, and general adrenaline junky, this injury was a struggle mentally and physically. But thanks to the amazing care I always I completed the 11 mile race with 22 obstacles. To say I am excited is an understatement. Next weekend is my first Spartan race and I have full confidence in myself after today! Thank you to all the KOC staff and especially Dr. Betcher for always helping me heal and being so conscious of my passions so I can get back to what I love. Today was a good day!
– Kathryn, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can run again! I injured my right hip (femur) when I was running. I could barely walk and was in a lot of pain. I finally bit the bullet and went to see Dr. Johnson after I realized I was not going to heal without seeing a doctor. He took amazing care of me! He put me on crutches and ordered an MRI. He figured out that I had a stress fracture and wanted to let it heal with PT and crutches instead of heading straight to surgery. Under Dr. Johnson's care, I healed and I am now running again and I didn't have to have surgery! Dr. Johnson helped me get to the root cause of my fracture and provided excellent care. He took the time to talk to me about my issues and he was encouraging and cared. I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson for any sports medicine injury.
– Madeline, Knoxville
Thanks to his care at KOC and Dr. Gaylord, my son is back to school and football. We were totally impressed by Dr. Gaylord and his staff.
– Michael, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can play basketball, run, and enjoy all my favorite activities! I’m a 12 year old that loves to play basketball, run, hike, and play sports with my friends. Over summer break, I had a very bad trampoline accident and broke my femur. The break was severe and required surgery. I was terrified. Scared that I may never be able to do all the things that I loved again. The thought of having a metal rod in my leg was terrifying. My parents chose Dr. Jay Crawford to perform the surgery on my leg. I am so thankful for the amazing job he did. My recovery time was very short considering that I had a metal rod placed inside my upper leg. Following instructions from Dr. Crawford, I completed my physical therapy and was back on the basketball court and ready for tryouts within 3 months of my surgery! I recently traveled to New York City with my family and was able to walk 10 miles a day to sightsee with no trouble! Thanks to Dr. Crawford, I can do all the things that I love to do. I will always be grateful to him and his staff at KOC for taking such great care of me!
– Reed, Knoxville
Thanks to my care at KOC, I can now walk around without pain. My wife and I can get back to traveling to other countries and all across the USA in our motorhome. We were very active before my back problems. Now we can pick up where we left off. I am a 78-year-old retired college professor from North Alabama. I was a high school and college athlete during my younger years and continued with various sports and exercise programs in my young adult life and through the middle years. About the time of my retirement, I began to have lower back problems that brought pain and reduced physical activity. In 2006 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Our local orthopedic physician recommended medication, physical therapy and spinal steroid injections over the years and this seemed to initially control the pain. After ten years the steroid injections would no longer handle the problem. In 2017 the pain became so intense that I began to look into surgery. There were no orthopedic spine surgeons in our small Alabama town. While we were visiting with our youngest son in Knoxville, I told him about my serious pain and back problems. He told me about KOC and their three widely recognized spine surgeons. The next day our son stopped in to see his friend Dr. Kimbro Maguire at KOC. When Dr. Maguire looked at the MRI, his first question was "Is your father still able to walk around?" At that point our son knew for sure that I had a serious problem. He made an appointment for me and I saw Dr. Maguire the next week. I was very impressed with Dr. Maguire's credentials and experience. He recommended immediate surgery and I agreed with his thorough evaluation and recommendations. The following week I checked into Tennova - Physician's Regional Medical Center and had my long overdue surgery. At the hospital, everything went great. Immediately following the procedure, my wife and I were so pleased that the leg pain was no longer there. Dr. Maguire was so easy to talk with and he answered all of my questions before and after the surgery. He was clearly a highly skilled and professional orthopedic surgeon and he was easy to talk with and get answers. I could not have been more pleased with my decision to have the operation and with my selection of KOC in Knoxville. Thank you for a wonderful medical experience... one that has truly changed my life!
– Gerald, Florence, AL
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