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Dr. Botero has been in practice since 2009 and is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in hip and knee reconstruction and replacement. He is committed to providing the most current, successful treatment options that help relieve pain and restore function to his patients so that they can return to the active lifestyle they desire.



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Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Physicians Regional is first facility in Knoxville to Offer O-arm Imaging and StealthStation Navigation System

Dr. Paul H. Johnson, spinal surgery specialist, uses new technology that
is only available in Knoxville at the Center for Advanced Orthopedics
at Physicians Regional.

KNOXVILLE, TN (January 27, 2014) – Spinal surgery specialists at the Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Physicians Regional Medical Center are the first physicians in Knoxville to use new, state-of-the-art surgical equipment from Medtronic that lets them visualize anatomy in 3D during spinal surgery. This advancement has the potential to reduce the need for repeat surgeries, and for many patients, it also may mean smaller incisions, faster recovery times and improved results.

The Medtronic O-arm® Intra-operative Imaging System and the StealthStation® Surgical Navigation System brings together 3D imaging during surgery and a GPS-like navigation technology that allows surgeons to see the exact placement of the surgical instruments throughout the procedure.

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