Surgery: Simplified

Surgery: Simplified

Feb 05, 2019

Need surgery but want to skip the hospital stay? We have great news for you! Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic’s outpatient surgery center has expanded. Two new operating rooms were added in January of 2019, for a total of eight. That means more patients now have the option of a streamlined experience with the most personalized care.

“I’ve had surgery other places, and I’ve never experienced the quality of care I received at Knoxville Orthopaedic Surgery Center (KOSC),” said Leslie Wall, who recently had a partial knee replacement. “It’s a great group of people. I can’t say enough. I wouldn’t go anywhere else when I need surgery in the future.”

The number of procedures that can be performed as an outpatient keeps growing, now including total knee, hip and shoulder replacement.

“I was very surprised when my doctor said I could have my surgery and go home the same day,” Wall remembered. “I knew the cost would be lower, and I liked the idea of having the same nurse taking care of me the whole time I was there.”

Everything at KOSC was designed with the patient in mind. It’s the only surgery center in the region dedicated exclusively to orthopaedic patients. That means less exposure to the germs you might find in a more general surgery setting.

“We really needed to expand because so many of our patients prefer an outpatient setting,” said KOC joint replacement surgeon Dr. Herman Botero. “We have everything we need right here on site, and we’re able to see results that meet our high standards of care.”

Along with joint replacement, many sports-related injuries are treated at KOSC. Spine procedures, as well as hand and foot surgery, have been done at the center since it opened in 2010. The state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in West Knoxville, near I-40 and Pellissippi Parkway. There’s plenty of free, by-the-door parking.

“Our surgery center is a great option for healthy patients who are motivated to get back to an active lifestyle. We’ve developed a process that is very efficient because we know people want to get back home as quickly as possible to start their recovery,” added Dr. Matthew Nadaud, another joint replacement specialist with KOC.

As East Tennessee’s oldest and largest specialty orthopaedic practice, the physicians of Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic have drawn on their decades of expertise to offer patients the best possible experience when it comes to outpatient surgery. Leslie Wall is glad she had that option when it came to her knee replacement, and she offers this advice to anyone still reluctant to get the treatment they need.

“Putting it off only extends the pain. Get it over with, get to healing, and get on with your life,” she said.

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