UPDATE 4/4: KOC remains dedicated to protecting your health and well-being. If you have an urgent orthopaedic issue, our offices are open to care for you in the safest possible environment.
You can make an appointment by calling 865-558-4444 or using our KOC appointment app.
You can visit our walk-in injury clinics without an appointment.
We also offer telemedicine.
Please do not bring anyone with you to your visit, unless you have mobility issues or the patient is a minor.
If you have a fever, sustained cough, any upper respiratory illness, recent loss of taste or smell, or do not feel well, we cannot treat you in our office.
If you have been out of the country, traveled to California, Louisiana, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York or Washington state, or had contact with a coronavirus patient in the last 14 days, we cannot treat you in our office.
Everyone will be screened before entering.
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